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Special needs on cruises

Special needs

If you are a special needs passenger, these details need to be addressed early in the reservation process to match you to the proper cruise. There are a limited number of cabins specifically designed to accommodate travellers with special needs on each ship and not all cabins are suited to this purpose. For example, wheelchair accessible cabins are not necessarily available in all cabin categories and potentially are not available when booking online. Before making your reservation, please contact your representative and communicate any needs you may have, prior to booking.

Family cruises

What would a family vacation be, without the kids? There are family geared cruises that cater specifically to those travelling with little ones and are perfect for entertaining children of all ages with certified monitors who supervise them at all times. Think of it as a daytime child care service, complete with activities for all ages, while mom and dad can get a break and grab some ‘couple time’ for themselves. There is even a nighttime babysitting service available on most ships. As with anything else, selection is the key – as there are cruise lines and ship which cater to a more adult crowd. Check with your Vasco Travel travel agent to determine which ships and itineraries are best suited to your family vacation.

Group cruises

If you are looking for a deal on a cruise for a group of people , you’ve come to the right place! The specialists are up to the task of finding you the lowest price possible, for the highest quality of cruise experience you can find. We can help your organize your group cruise from start to finish, taking the worry away from you so that all you have to do is show up.

What is a group cruise?
At it’s most basic, it is a single reservation for a minimum of 8 cabins/16 passengers and organizing a group vacation on a cruise is probably the easiest way to travel as a unit. Onboard modern cruise ships your group can dine together in a specialty restaurant, meet quietly in a conference room, attend shows and events together, set off on an excursion at any of the ports you visit – the possibilities are endless. Passengers travelling in groups who also desire a little peace and quiet can escape to the spa, the gym, a cafe or retire to their solitude of their cabin balcony. Children can join in with shipboard programs supervised by monitors, to keep them entertained.

Group cruises have many advantages
Everyone knows that buying in bulk is the best way to stretch your dollar. It always a good thing to try to book your group as far out from the sailing date as possible, so that cabin choice, pricing and any special benefits you desire can be arranged. Onboard credits, private meetings, complimentary chocolates and cocktail parties are just a few of the perks available to groups. Don’t delay, contact your travel agent early to get the best available choices

What’s included
In general your group will enjoy:

  • Accommodations onboard
  • Travel to various ports
  • Onboard dining
  • Vegas style shows and entertainment
  • Discos, clubs, and bars
  • Pools, watersports, spa and gym
  • Clustered cabins, if available
  • Children's programs
  • Reduced pricing

Planning your group
If you are thinking of planning a group cruise, one of the travelling party must be selected as the ‘contact point’ for the group. The responsibility falls upon this person to communicate the details of the cruise to the other members, including but not limited to; documentation requirements, payment procedures, cabin selection and assignment, dining selections and any specialty requests. At , you are assured that we will see you through the whole process, from A to Z, ensuring that your group vacation will be a resounding success.

Luxury cruises

A luxury cruise is the pinnacle of travelling by ship. Once you decided to take the plunge, you can rest assured that you will experience the finest and trendiest things that cruising has to offer. Michelin starred chefs preparing gastronomic heaven, first rate entertainment and attractions, accommodations bordering on opulent and culturally rich destinations that you won’t find anywhere else. Luxury ships tend to be smaller and more intimate, with the best cruise staff and officers onboard. A higher staff to guest ratio also means that you will be pampered with impeccable service throughout your voyage. Luxury cruises are designed to avoid destinations where larger ships dock, offering guests unique experiences and ports of call that the general cruising public do not frequent.

World cruises

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Without a doubt, a world cruise is a bucket list item and a story that one tells to the grandchildren. In general, world cruises last around 100 nights (some are longer) and will take you by ship, all over the globe. You can also purchase segments of the cruise (10 to 90 nights) if you wish to skip certain portions (perhaps a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean isn’t your thing) or avoid ports that you have already frequented. Your cruise specialists are ready to help you plan an adventure many never get to experience. All aboard! Next stop, the world...

World cruises are never discounted at the last minute. There is no reason to wait until closer to the sailing date to reserve as you will not be saving any money – in fact, history has shown that the best prices are available further out. As space is limited on smaller vessels, prices on world cruises only increase as time goes by and cabins are reserved. Given the target market of those who can cruise for 3-4 months at a time, many of these sailings are booked over a year in advance.

Wedding cruises

Honeymoon cruises are increasing becoming a favourite choice of couples who tie the knot. As well, more couples are seeing the logic of getting married aboard a cruise ship, with dining options, rooms, entertainment professionals, chapels, audio visual experts and a host of other services all at their fingertips and under one roof.

Get married in an exotic, foreign locale? More often than not, couples are saying, ‘We do!’ However, it’s important to understand the different rules and regulations of getting married in a foreign country. But don’t worry, your specialists have got you covered. We’ll walk you through all of the legal details to make sure your special day is only full of happy memories.

Want to get married at sea? There are five cruise lines where you can make that happen: Princess, Celebrity, Cunard, Royal Caribbean and Azamara. Cruise lines also have a wedding planner available to see to the details of your special day, whether it be onboard or at an exotic destination. If you wish to sail a different cruise line and get married, there is another option; a couple can perform a legal ceremony at home and have a fantastic symbolic wedding and celebration while on your cruise. The possibilities and memories are endless!

Whatever your plans, cruise lines are geared towards cruise vacations, before marriages at sea. They will accommodate a limited amount of nuptials during each sailing, therefore it is best to work with your specialist as soon as possible to reserve your desired plans. You can also reserve the cabin of your choice, while the details of your marriage are worked out with the wedding planner, putting you ahead of the crowd. If a cruise is your chosen manner to proceed, it’s never a good thing to delay your booking, as cabins always get reserved, not liberated.

Married at Sea
Princess, Celebrity, Cunard, Royal Caribbean and Azamara are the only cruise lines that can legally marry you while sailing. Not many people can say that they were married in the middle of the Caribbean Sea or somewhere in the Mediterranean! Simple or elaborate, intimate or expansive reception, the choice is yours – the Captain of the ship is standing by to wed you in holy matrimony.

Symbolic ceremonies at sea or in port
The easier option; you get legally married where you reside, then celebrate your matrimony with a ceremony and reception during your cruise. You avoid complications with documentary fees, potential legal ramifications and then have the choice of booking whichever cruise line you prefer. There is also the option of having your ceremony performed at any port of call you visit, at any charming church you desire or on the beach – formal wear optional! At sea or in port, all cruise lines can organize this type of event for you, wedding planner included!

Weddings in port or at sea
A beach in the Bahamas? A glacier in Alaska? Perhaps underwater (scuba divers required) in the crystal clear blue waters off Cozumel? Your exotic and beautiful ceremony & reception is waiting for you. Make your cruise the most memorable part of your special day, giving it a uniqueness that not many will be able to match.

A marriage in port requires some planning ahead of time; from an intimate ceremony for two with a few close guests to witness your ceremony – to a full blown extravaganza with a group booking for numerous cabins. Many couples choose the simpler approach and get married on board a ship, which avoids adding another variable (the destination) to your planning. Either way, you are not alone in making the wedding of your dreams, a reality.

Usually couples get married onboard in either the chapel, the ship’s library, a reception room or even the theatre. Whichever you choose, if you decide to get married on embarkation day, we strongly recommend arriving a day early, to sort out the details. Your specialist can organize a pre-cruise stay for you to get yourself settled. Here re some pertinent points to ponder:

A certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad is a certificate that confirms there are no objections to a proposed marriage or civil partnership. It is sometimes required if you are planning a ceremony abroad and a good idea to have in your possession. You must also make yourself aware of any local regulations regarding marriages with some destinations requiring that you apply for documents in person, while others can be done over the phone or by email. Documents can cost between $25 and $150 , so working with your wedding planner to sort out the legal side of things is a good idea.

Who can be present?
Security measures have been tightened on all ships and there are restrictions placed upon non-travelling guests. The cruise line will determine the amount of guests allowed onboard for your ceremony and reception. Guests who are booked for travel on the cruise with you are, of course, not an issue. For invited guests who wish to attend your ceremony and reception but are not sailing with the ship, an exact list must be compiled of legal names, date of birth and government identity ID number – which must be presented at embarkation. At certain foreign ports, it is entirely possible that the ship will not allow non-travelling guests to board. Check with your travel specialist and wedding planner prior to departure to understand all of the rules involved.

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