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Promotion Croisière Les Perles De L'empire Austro-Hongrois

MS Beethoven - September 5, 2024 - 7 nights


Day Port Arrival depart
1 Vienne N/A 20h00
2 Melk N/A N/A
3 Bratislava N/A N/A
4 Budapest N/A N/A
5 Budapest N/A N/A
6 Esztergom N/A N/A
7 Vienne N/A N/A
8 Vienne 09h00 N/A

*Itineraries can change without notice. Please confirm your routing with yourtravel agent before reserving.

Cabins available

    OceanView Stateroom
Cabins remaining : 2
Deck availability : N/A
Starting from
    OceanView Stateroom
Cabins remaining : 2
Deck availability : N/A
Starting from
    OceanView Stateroom
Cabins remaining : 6
Deck availability : N/A
Starting from

Tarif par personne en occupation double (sauf avis contraire)

About cruising

The price includes :

• Accommodation in double occupancy on board the Ms Beethoven boat on the main deck 
• Meals as mentioned in the program (PD = Lunch, D = Lunch, S = Dinner)
• Drinks included on board the boat (excluding special menus)
• Free WiFi on board the boat
• Assistance from the entertainment team, welcome cocktail and gala evening on board the boat
• Audio system during optional excursions

Do not understand :

Flights | Transfers | Meals that are not mentioned in the program | Drinks outside the boat or on special menus | Tips for guides, drivers and boat staff | Your personal expenses | Insurance | Optional excursions | Which is not clearly mentioned under the heading “The package includes”.

*Prices in Canadian dollars are per person based on double occupancy on the main deck, all taxes and discounts applied.

± Notes: The order of visits can be modified on site. (1) The visit to the Konzerthaus may be replaced by a visit to the Musikverein, or the opera in the event of performances or unavailability. Ref. WBB_PP.


-Single occupancy supplement: $1070

- Croisieurope conditions applicable


Day 2 Guided tour of Melk Abbey (approximately 1h45): $97/pers.

Day 3 Guided tour of Bratislava (approximately 3 hours): $56/pers. or hiking in Bratislava: the small Carpathians (approximately 3 hours): $123/pers.

Day 4 Half-day excursion in Puszta (approximately 4 hours): $120/pers.

Day 5 Morning Visit to Budapest (approximately 4 hours): $57/pers.
Day 5 Afternoon Visit to the Gellert baths (approximately 3 hours): $188/pers. or the market halls of Budapest (approximately 2h30): $133/pers.
Day 5 Evening Folklore evening in Budapest (approximately 2 hours): $79/pers.

Day 7 Morning Guided tour of Vienna and Schoenbrunn Palace (approximately 4 hours): $149/pers. or the Viennese art of living: Viennese music and coffee: $152/pers.
Day 7 Afternoon Guided tour of the Hofburg, winter residence of the Habsburgs and Sissi Museum (approximately 3 hours): $114/pers.
Day 7 Evening Viennese music concert: $130/pers.

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